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Platinum Mixable Ink Bottle (Smoke Black - 20 ML) INKM10001
Platinum Mixable Ink Bottle (Smoke Black - 20 ML) INKM10001
Platinum Mixable Ink Bottle (Smoke Black - 20 ML) INKM10001
Platinum Mixable Ink Bottle (Smoke Black - 20 ML) INKM10001
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    Platinum Mixable Ink Bottle (Smoke Black - 20 ML) INKM10001

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    Color: Smoke Black
    • Mix and Match colours to create your signature colour.
    • 20 ml mini bottles available in 9 colour shades
    • Beautiful diamond-shaped bottle with sharp edges. A perfect accompaniment to your desk
    • Water Resistant: No
    • Ink - 20 ML
    • Product Code: INKM10001
    • Brand Origin: Japan
    • Series: Platinum Mixable Smoke Black 20 ML
    • Type: Inks
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    Create your signature identity with the Platinum Mixable ink bottle mini. Explore brilliant hues, deep and light tones, vibrant colour depths to your heart's content. Mix and Match the colour of your choice to create a colour palette of your own. This water-based ink is specially formulated not to harden when mixed and they do not clog the nib which makes it easy to use in any fountain pen. The mixable ink comes in 9 different colours. The ink bottle is designed in such a way that it allows you to enjoy the colour shades with its sharp edges and obtuse round shape.

    Platinum has created this beautiful diamond-shaped ink bottle which can be displayed on your desk to select and mix your favourite colour from a selection of all 9 colours. Since its launch in 2011, the 'Mixable Ink" has been well received as an ink that can be mixed to colours that you imagined. The mixable mini is perfect for starters who may find the 60 ml mixable ink bottle a bit on the higher side to experiment with. We also have an empty bottle (empty ink bottle) for storing the mixed ink. Let the artist in you experience the joy of playing with colours.

    Sold separately, a Platinum Mixable Ink Mixing Kit is available on which includes colour mixing chart, dilution liquid, an empty bottle, and droppers for mixing inks. When you mix two inks in a 1:1 ratio, the colour chart helps you to see the colour that will become of it.

    Note: • Mixable ink should not be mixed with non-mixable inks
             • Mixable inks are also known as Mix Free inks.