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Pelikan Toledo M700 Black Fountain Pen
Pelikan Toledo M700 Black Fountain Pen
Pelikan Toledo M700 Black Fountain Pen

    Pelikan Toledo M700 Black Fountain Pen

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    Color: Black
    • Diamond cut, high-grade resin casing. Gold-plated, hand-engraved 925 sterling silver barrel
    • 18 Carat Bi-Colour Gold Nib with Rhodium Trim. 24 Carat Gold-Plated highlights.
    • Manufactured by hand to a maximum of 200 unique pieces per month.
    • Fountain pen with piston filling mechanism
    • Body Material: Silver
    • Nib Material: 18K Gold
    • Brand Origin: Germany
    • Series: Pelikan Toledo M700 Fountain Pen Black
    • Type: Writing
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    The art of Damascus patterns is thousands of years old. It compromises an elaborate method of applying ornamentation to steel or iron by impressing a thin gold film onto the surface. In the next step the motif is etched on by hand, with the filigree detail giving the motif a life of its own. This sophisticated technology was brought to Spain by Arab settlers, where it was perfected over centuries, especially in the City of Toledo. Since 1931 Pelikan successfully applies this technology for its Toledo writing instrument. Until today the pattern is nearly unaltered. The decorative barrel is produced from a single piece of 925 sterling silver. Once the barrel has received multiple special treatments, the motif is applied using a layer of gold. Each Toledo writing instrument is a unique piece manufactured in Germany. As a result of the taxing craftsmanship required, only a maximum of 200 instruments per month can be made. Every one of them is a great masterpiece in itself, and a small piece of history.

    The cap as well as the front and top part are produced out of black high-grade resin. The Pelikan Toledo M700 Fountain Pen Black with piston filling mechanism provides a 18-carat bi-color gold nib with rhodium trim. The Toledo fountain pens are always automatically delivered inside an attractive, black gift box and come together with a coordinated certificate and booklet.