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Kaweco Supra Stainless Steel Fountain Pen
Kaweco Supra Stainless Steel Fountain Pen
Kaweco Supra Stainless Steel Fountain Pen
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    Kaweco Supra Stainless Steel Fountain Pen

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    Color: Stainless Steel
    • Made from solid stainless steel, will resist corrosion and retain its shiny finish.
    • Stainless-steel nib with Chrome Plated. Available in Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad or Extra-Broad.
    • Barrel includes a piece to change the length of the pen
    •  The Supra is a hold a converter, one long ink cartridge, or two short cartridges.
    • The pen is packaged in a nice and elegant gift box.
    • Body Material: Steel
    • Nib Material: Steel
    • Brand Origin: Germany
    • Series: Kaweco Supra Fountain Pen Stainless Steel
    • Type: Fountain Pen
    • For more details click on Technical Specification

    Minimalist, yet surprisingly flexible - the Supra is made entirely of untreated CNC-machined stainless steel. A very clever design means it can be made into two different lengths, and the cap screws securely onto either end, at either length. With the middle extender fitted, it's a full-size pen, with plenty of space for long cartridges or a standard converter. It would be comfortable for almost anyone to use unposted like this. You can still screw the cap on the back to securely post it, but the result is really quite long. Remove the extension tube, and it's a short pen. Quite a normal width, but short and stubby to make it more pocketable. In this format, unless you have very tiny hands, you'll probably find it more comfortable to use posted, with the cap screwed on the back to extend the barrel to a more usable length. In this short layout, there's only room for a mini Kaweco converter, and only the shorter type of international standard cartridges can be used. Without the extender, it very much resembles a wider version of the wonderful pocketable Kaweco Liliput. The nib is large and made from stainless steel - not interchangeable as with most other Kaweco pens, but it is still a screw-in nib unit for easy replacing if you ever need to.

    Kaweco Supra Fountain Pen Stainless Steel comes with Chrome Plated trim and has a Cartridge / Converter (Not Included) filing mechanism. You can use a Proprietory Converter with this pen. The pen is packaged in a nice and elegant Kaweco tin box and includes a detachable Chrome Plated clip.

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