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Leonardo Momento Zero Prugna CT Fountain Pen
Leonardo Momento Zero Prugna CT Fountain Pen
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    Leonardo Momento Zero Prugna CT Fountain Pen

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    Color: Prugna CT

    In 2018, the fountain pen world welcomed a new name from Italy, one that continues a family tradition that was handed down from father to son. Leonardo Officina Italiana launched its brand with a pen model that defines the moment their existence began and which symbolizes new beginnings. Their first launch, The Momento Zero collection. Inspired by the Italian vintage known in the world and a well-balanced size made it an immediate desire for fountain pen lovers. This pen model is the product of a father and son team whose family tradition includes 45 years of craftsmanship. This model is not limited to Leonardo production, but it is an open numbered series, with each pen number engraved on the barrel together with the Leonardo name.

    The Leonardo Officina Italiana Momento Zero Fountain Pen Prugna is equipped with a Cartridge, Converter (Included) mechanism and Chrome Plated Trims. It feature two nib options, Steel nibs and 14k Gold #6 nibs. Both nib options are manufactured by JOWO and both nib options are friction fitted in a screw housing to the fountain pen. The steel range of nibs is equipped with an abs plastic feeder and the 14k gold range of nibs is equipped with ebonite feeders. The Momento Zero collection is delivered inside an attractive black gift box. The 14K Gold option is available on request.
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