Krishna RC Series Ink Bottle (Vaikahri - 20ML) KIRCVAIK20
Krishna RC Series Ink Bottle (Vaikahri - 20ML) KIRCVAIK20
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    Krishna RC Series Ink Bottle (Vaikahri - 20ML) KIRCVAIK20

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    Color: Vaikahri

    Krishna Inks RC Series comprises of 7 different super sheener inks. These sheening inks are a pleasure to use for writing, calligraphy and art and will offer you some amazing color attributes that will be unique based upon your writing style and pen, paper used. Hence these "Made in India" inks create an eclectic bunch of characters making it a writer's pleasure. These are one of those inks where you will also need to play with your nib and writing style you desire to produce the right amount of sheen versus colour. Krishna Inks Vaikahri RC is a medium brown color with a distinctive metallic green sheen. It comes packed in a 20 Milliliter glass bottle and certainly is a great addition to the Krishna ink family. Krishna Inks are quite inexpensive, particularly considering they are 'handmade in India'.




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