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by Anish Todarwal on August 08, 2020
Be it sharing the secrets or trying to steal the T.V. remote, sibling love is greater than any love in this world. With bittersweet memories of growing up together, it’s a sibling that makes every family function better. And because it’s Raksha Bandhan season, we thought of bringing you some amazing facts about the tradition along with a few handpicked gift choices to make your brother feel extra special.
Interesting facts about Raksha Bandhan
1. Major parts of North India follow an official day off for the Raksha Bandhan. Yes, are you having a holiday too??
2. Many courier services come up with special rakhi delivery schemes so that no sister is late in sending her love to her brother. Isn’t it cool?
3. There are historical stories that King Porus, an Indian King, restrained killing Alexander the Great in the battlefield because Alexander’s wife had sent a rakhi to Porus and he apparently couldn’t do so, seeing the thread on his wrist. More power to rakhi!
4. In order to strengthen the bonds of unity between the Hindus and the Muslims, Rabindranath Tagore, one of India’s greatest poets and freedom fighters, asked people belonging to both the religious groups to tie rakhi to each other. A great idea indeed!
5. Besides India, Raksha Bandhan is also celebrated in Nepal as well as in some parts of Pakistan! Yes, that’s true!